Extended Endlinks vs. Sway Bar Relocation

We get this question a lot..."I lifted my truck, do I need extended endlinks or the relocation brackets, or both?!" Well here's our recommendation:

Extended Endlinks:

-These are recommended for pretty much any and all trucks, lifted or not. The reason for this is that the stock endlink bushings will compress over time and the stock endlink bolt does not have any additional threads. This means that with the endlink as tight as it will go, the endlink will move and create a clunk. With lifted trucks this is even worse. 
-The extended length will not cause any issues when used on stock height vehicles

Swaybar Relocation Bracket

-In our opinion this is only needed when you need to create clearance between an aftermarket shocks lower spring seat and the sway bar. This is pretty much only an issue with aftermarket 2.5" shocks like Kings, Icons, Radflos, Foxs, etc.

-Since the extended endlinks are the fix for clunking trucks as well as providing the proper length endlink for lifted trucks, they truly are the better choice for trucks that do not need the extra clearance to the lower spring seat


-Whether you need the extra clearance for the lower sway bar or not, you can still certainly run the extended endlinks with the relocation bracket and you wont have any issues, (plus it looks cool!) haha. 

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