Swaybar Bracket & Bushing Upgrade [15-22 Colorado]

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Our swaybar bracket and bushing is a great upgrade for your Colorado or Canyon. This is the perfect replacement for your torn OEM bushing or if you are looking to improve your truck. Removing the bonded rubber OEM bushing and going to polyurethane allows the bar to move easier for smoother travel and articulation offroad. 


  • Billet machined sway bar bracket clamps
  • Polyurethane bushings 
  • New Hardware
  • Made in USA


  • (2) Brackets
  • (2) Bushings
  • (2) Grease Packets
  • (4) Bolts


  • 15-22 Colorado & Canyon
  • 17-22 Colorado ZR2


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Peter Orr
Excellent new product

About six months ago I scoured the web for polymer bushings for my ‘18 ZR2 and found NOTHING. Then about a month or so ago my favorite suspension company posted this new addition to their website. You can imagine how stoked I was. The one piece polymer bushings and aluminum brackets from Level Up arrived so fast, and installed in minutes (after a painfully difficult removal of the stock rubbers). Tightened up my ride, quieted down a lot of noise, and paired with the chunky sway bar links makes it feel so much nicer both on and off road. This company doesn’t skimp on quality or creativity. Get this kit.

Mark DeLisle
Must have upgrade to the Colorado ZR2

These brackets and bushings are Night and Day from Stock sway bar bushings. Paired with Level Ups Re-location kit brackets and end links my Front end no longer makes a clunking noise and the truck feels much better

Joe M
Essential Upgrade

I already had to remove my sway bar for other mods and suspension work. Since I'd heard some good things about these bushings and they're very modestly priced, I went ahead and ordered a set. I honestly expected not to really feel much, but tend to prefer urethane bushings in general for durability.

Once I had these in my hands, I could tell that they are very well designed and constructed. This also highlighted just how crappy the OE bushings actually are.

Yes, the OE bushings take a bit of elbow grease to remove, but this is not a massive challenge. Once installed, I couldn't believe just how much of a difference I could actually feel. The front end somehow feels tighter while also doing a noticeably better job of articulating over single wheel bumps.

This is for sure money well spent. There's no reason not to do it. And if you're in there, might as well do the upgraded end links too.

One tip I would offer for installation is to very loosely install the end links before trying to attach the new brackets to the frame. This will prevent the bar from rotating while you're trying to get the brackets into place.

eric williams
Customer service

I ordered this bushing kit not realizing I ordered for a non zr2 by mistake. I emailed the company to ask why they fit the way they do. Immediately I received a phone call and I mean Immediately. They informed me of my mistake and are currently sending the correct bushings at no charge. That's what I call customer service. EXCELLENT! And by the way the air freshener smells delicious. 😂

Jc Phillips

Makes the truck feel way smoother over bumps