Seal Savers for Chevy Colorado

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*SOLD IN PAIRS, Fits front shocks only

Coil Savers have a unique design to protect your inner shock shaft from damage. These shock savers protect the shaft from rocks and debris that cause divots and pits in the shaft. This will tear the seals causing it to leak and subsequently will need replaced. Coil Savers shock covers feature quick and easy installation without the hassle of removing your shocks from your car. Simply wrap around the shock spring and velcro the shock covers together. Make sure they are snug on the coil and covering the shaft. Do not get the Coil Savers too tight to where they are squeezed in between the spring. If you do get them too tight, they will pinch. Coil Savers compress and rebound with the spring, while staying in place, and most importantly keep the inner shock shaft protected.

The FlexPower material is extremely durable and will hold up in even the toughest elements. The FlexPower material will tolerate the weather and has increased flexibility so that it will not crack. 

There is 4 inches of heavy duty Velcro that allows you to go smaller or larger based on the coil diameter. You can run them with only using an inch or two of the Velcro and not have any concern with the Coil Saver coming off.

Customer Reviews

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Chris Allen
A great addition to 23+ ZR2/AT4X Front Coilover Conversion

Easy to install and remove if needed. Works great at keeping the dirt and debris off of the inner shock shaft.

William Lewis
Works great

Works great! Looks sharp!