Pro-Eagle Tool Kit

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As good as our jack is, it is still only half of what is needed to change a tire. What about tools? Tool kits can get expensive and especially if you only need 1 socket but tool companies make you purchase a whole set.

We spoke to our friends at Boxo Tools and together we created a tool kit made specifically to fit in our jack mounts. This kit stores neatly in our 2.0 version mounts underneath the jack. Once the handles and jack are secured in the mount the tool kit is hidden and held tightly in place. The tool kit is the perfect addition to any jack mount. Don't get stranded without everything you need to change a tire. 1.5, 2 and 3 ton tool kits are sized specifically for each corresponding mount. All kits include the same tools. 

This Pro Eagle / Boxo tool kit features: 

  • Boxo Tools lifetime warranty
  • Carry case and foam insert made specifically to fit into our jack mounts.  
  • 19mm, 21mm & 22mm Impact sockets with protective sleeves
  • 14" long 1/2" drive Breaker Bar
  • 5" Extension
  • Valve Stem Remover 
  • Empty pocket for lug nut key or other vehicle specific tools. (Only on 2 and 3 ton models)