Podium Detail Mega Bundle

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The Podium Detail Mega Bundle includes one of each of the following:

  • Podium Car Clean PC-1 All Purpose Cleaner, Interior & Exterior
  • Podium Car Clean PT-1 Tire Shine, Tire & Trim
  • Podium Car Clean PF-1 Foam Wash, Exterior
  • Podium Car Clean PD-1 Detailer , Interior & Exterior


PT-1 is a ready to use water based dressing for any application. PT-1 shines tires and exterior plastics. Safe on vinyl, leather, and dashboards. offering a great shine on all interior surfaces. This formula is dilutable to suit any users need. Wether you like shine or a matte look PT-1 is the dressing for you

PD-1 is your go to detailer . An all in one ceramic infused rinseless wash, quick detailer and clay lube formula. This is the last detailer you’ll ever need . Safe on exterior and interior . PD-1 is easy to apply with an addicting scent . If your looking for one product that does it all , look no further PD-1 is here!

PF-1 mega suds is a super concentrate that quickly lifts loose contaminates . Great in a foam cannon or a two bucket wash method . This formula goes a very long way with very little product . Safe on waxed and coated vehicles Pf-1 does not strip protection. Keeping your car clean has never been easier with PF-1 Mega Suds

PC-1 is our all purpose cleaner, easily diluted to suit your cleaning conditions. This low foaming formula is safe on all automotive surfaces. A non-butyl citrus cleaner designed to clean and remove stubborn stains .safe with extractors and steamers. Wether your cleaning wheels or cup holders PC-1 is the cleaner for you