Level Up HD CV Boots [17+ ZR2]

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The Chevy Colorado ZR2 is notorious for it's vulnerable stock boots. Our HD CV Boots are made of 100% neoprene and more than twice the thickness of the stock boots! Perfect upgrade for lifted vehicles who need a more durable boot.

Boots are sold in pairs (one kit is needed per each front axle) and will fit both the inner and outer boots on both the passenger and driver side. 


  • (2) HD CV Boots
  • (2) Outer Clamps
  • (2) Inner Clamps
  • (2) Bags of Grease


  • 17+ ZR2 with OEM Axles


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joe M
Essential Upgrade

It is a well known fact that the OE CV boots on this vehicle are pathetically flimsy. This fact becomes especially apparent as soon as you have any sort of lift (such as a leveling kit), especially with the longer travel on the the ZR2. Add to that a bit of off-road activity and you have all but guaranteed torn boots at some point long before the joints have worn.

These replacement boots solve this issue and will save you from having to replace your axles prematurely. I highly recommend just doing this as a preventive measure before it becomes a problem.

The instructions are nicely detailed and make the job pretty simple, even though it is definitely a messy affair. But no matter how you slice it, these boots are way cheaper than axles and they work extremely well. They get 2 thumbs up from me!

Dyllen Black

Level Up HD CV Boots [17+ ZR2]

Nathanael Maudlin
10+Perfect Replacement for the Weak Factory Stuff

This is what the OE should have used from the outset.
Easy to install? Yeah, but takes a bit to get to the install point. Instructions from the site are easy enough for the common wrench turner.
I made the mistake of not having the boot in the “relaxed state” when I clamped them. (Suggest measuring the axle before removing the old boots.) The inner expanded like a balloon when I installed it. Easy enough to fix, cut the band, let the air out, re-clamp. (Luckily, I had extras from the band clamps I ordered)
The axle I had to replace the boot on was less than 6 months old, less than 6k miles, brand new whole axle. The new boots are obviously going to last because they are thick and… supple.
Also, thanks LevelUp for the personalized service!
-2018 ZR2, coilover leveled, no diff drop

Robbie Willis

Level Up HD CV Boots [17+ ZR2]