GM Performance ZR2 High Angle Upper Control Arms [17+ ZR2]

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Chevrolet Performance ZR2 High Angle Upper Control Arm Ball Joint System enables increased upper ball joint articulation, which enables increased front suspension travel. A direct replacement for the production unit, the high angle joint system increases cross car articulation by up to 18% and features a sealed ball joint design and boot design based on Chevrolet Performance standards, providing a protected environment from off-road elements. Includes front upper control arms and all fasteners for a direct bolt-on installation.

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Allen Richards
Upper control arms

This dealer educated me on what is appropriate and how to apply his product so if you want to be directed in a financially, on off-road application you’ve come to the right dealer talk to them so they can help you make the right decision for your upcoming off-road experience and I wanna thank them again for their wisdom, professional manner and affordable product


After going back and forth trying to figure out if I was even going to need UCAs for the coil over kit and the modest 1.5 inches of lift I was looking for on my 2022 2.8L ZR2... I reached out to Mike at level up to bounce a couple ideas off of him. One of my biggest concerns was not wanting to have to deal with the headaches of maintenance on a set of high end $$$ UCAs. (Because 95% of my time will be spent on the road as a daily driver)
That alone, pointed us to the GM Performance arms. Next was the question: "will there be enough articulation available"... Given that these particular arms are used on the GM Performance long travel DSSV kits... that answer was a definite yes. (18 degrees is a lot more than one might think) So I made the jump and got them.
Just by looking at them, you would never know that they are any different than stock. Which, granted, some of the appeal of UCAs is the way they look in the wheel well. But that will quickly fade after you've had to tear the truck apart multiple times to keep greasing everything.
When I finally got down to it: GM Performance UCAs, Level Up coil over kit, Eibach 650lb springs, long tie rod sleeves, HD CV boots, and Level Up sway bar links went on the front (see picture).
The install went smooth. Unfortunately I ended up with some chew marks on the beautiful new springs due to the less than perfect spring compressor(s) I was using. But I guess that is par for the course.
I started with the preload set at max. Which was WAY TOO MUCH, and yielded ZERO sag, and a horrible ride. Starting at a 3/4ths of max is a much better starting point.
I'm currently backing the preload down a couple turns at a time to find just the right setting for me. (HINT: get yourself a pair of good 2 in to 4.75 in "c pin" spanner wrenches. It will make any adjustments INFINITELY easier to do. Along with dousing everything with WD-40 to let things slide a little easier)
Beyond that, everything I got from Level Up was top notch. Everything was packed & shipped really well. Showed up quickly, and installed with minimal fuss.
Top marks to everyone there. Thank you for everything you do.