Fabtech Rear Trackbar [21+ Bronco]

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The Ford Bronco Track Bar is a fixed length bar designed to locate the rear axle under the vehicle. Due to its fixed length it can lead to issues when you need to re-center the rear axle under the vehicle due to a lift.

Fabtech offers a heavy duty adjustable Track Bar that allows for re-centering of the axle. By re-centering the axle under the vehicle it provides proper tracking of the wheels and suspension front to rear. This helps improve the on highway trackability of the vehicle.

The Fabtech adjustable Track Bar is constructed with 1.5” OD .375 thick wall steel tubing that has less deflection than the stock bar for increased strength offroad. There is a large one ton rated adjusting collar that allows for finite adjustments to the bar while on the vehicle.

The bar is mounted with a 1” ID FK heim on the passenger side and a vulcanized bushing on the other. This combination of mounting ends provides the best rotation and angularity of the bar for offroad while providing superior highway noise reduction.

The Fabtech adjustable Track Bar is a great suspension upgrade for those that want the best for their Bronco.


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