Fabtech Rear Differential Cover [21+ Bronco]

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Fabtech’s heavy duty Differential Cover is constructed with 1/4" thick steel on the center section to ward off rock impacts that would typically penetrate the stock differential gear cover resulting in fluid loss.

The ring portion of the cover is constructed with 3/8" thick steel and has three corner gussets. These gussets protect the lower mounting bolts against rocks. Additionally they add strength to the ring preventing lip deformation when impacting rocks.

This super stout Differential Cover is the perfect match to Fabtech’s front Differential Cover Skid Plate.


  • Center section constructed of 1/4" thick steel
  • Double the crush strength over stock
  • Increased fluid capacity for optimum gear lubrication
  • 3/8" Thick steel ring eliminates lip bending
  • Triple 3/8" thick steel gussets protect mounting bolts
  • Superior axle housing protection and construction

SKU: FTS24300