Auxbeam 8 Switch Panel

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Auxbeam provides an easy to install, reliable and affordable option to easily add control for your lights and accessories. 


  • Multi-position installation and wide application. with different brackets, it can be installed in any position you like.
  • Universal 8 switch panel relay system. power up to 8 lights & accessories from one convenient place.
  • Customize your own panel, with 50 universal switch stickers, you can customize your unique personal switch panel according to certain needs.
  • All in one design for your ultimate convenience. This kit has everything you need for installation and use. No need to buy extra parts.
  • Automatic Dimmable Backlight for Driving Safer.
    On the road or other bright places, the switch panel will be brighter, so you can see it clearly.
  • In the tunnel or other dark places, the switch panel will be dim, reduce the impact on the driver's vision