ARB Under Vehicle Protection Kit [21+ Bronco]

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ARB Under Vehicle Protection panels are designed to give protection to vital underbody components including steering, engine sump, transmission and transfer case. Laser cut, press formed and folded 3mm sheet steel is used in ARB UVP to provide superior strength.

The ARB UVP to suit the Ford Bronco consist of four carefully designed panels. The front, sump and transmission and transfer case panels bolt directly to the chassis to provide continuous under vehicle protection from the front bumper to the rear of the transfer case. Each UVP panel includes a return edge to add strength to the 3mm panel.

To retain the strength and protection required of an ARB UVP, full vehicle servicing will require the removal and refit of panels to obtain access to drain plugs and other service points. This provides an opportunity to check for damage and buildup of dirt and foreign matter. Provision is provided to drain engine oil only with removable insert in the second panel.

ARB’s UVP will fit with or without an ARB front bumper. Fitment has not been confirmed with other bumper designs.


• 3mm press-formed, folded sheet steel adds superior strength
• Laser cut sheet steel
• Zinc plated and powder coated in a silver textured finish
• Recessed mounting bolts are protected and easy to remove for vehicle servicing
• All steel components are protected with either powder coat or zinc plating
• Kit includes illustrated fitting instructions

Front Panel protects:
• Engine

Differential / Sump Panel protects:
• Front differential and mounts
• Rear of engine sump
• Power steering

Transmission Panel protects:
• Stabilizer bar
• Transmission

Transfer Case Panel protects:
• Transfer case


Approximate weight of the UVP and fitting kit is 88lb. The front panel weighs approximately 24lb, the Differential / Sump panel weighs approximately 20lb, and the Transmission panel weighs approximately 22lb and Transfer Case panel weighs approximately 14lb.

NOTE: While these panels have been engineered for strength and functionality, care and good judgement should be taken when traversing difficult off-road conditions to minimize damage to panels and vehicle. During servicing, when panels are removed, ensure fasteners are re-fitted to the correct torque values. Inspect panels and mounting points visually on a regular basis. Dirt and foreign matter should be washed out to minimize build up around hot components. CAUTION is required when removing foreign matter with hands while vehicle is hot or running. Replace any components as necessary.



  • 2022+ Bronco 2 & 4 door all trims except raptor


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