How are your dual rate spring kits developed?

  • There's no replacement for seat time. Each one of our kits is tested right here in the southern California desert. Our testing area consists of a variety of sandy washes, large whoops, small whoops. washboard, g outs, washouts and burned in turns. The variety of terrain allows us to produce dual rate spring kits that are the perfect balance between improved ride comfort and optimum capability. 


Why should I replace my stock springs?

  • One of the biggest reasons to replace your stock springs is quality. Springs are one of the most common places that manufactures skimp on quality. Stock springs will quickly sag and lose height, lowering the vehicle and decreasing ride quality and performance.
  • Additionally the stock setup leaves much to be desired in terms of performance. Most vehicles have two springs from the factory where the top spring does almost nothing leaving a stiff, bucking, and undesirable ride quality. Switching to a dual rate setup eliminates these issues in designing a kit that uses both the initial and the final rate. 


Do I need to revalve?

  • Do you need to? No, the spring kits are designed and testing with stock vehicle valving. For most consumers the dual rate spring upgrade will be a night a day difference unlocking a ton of suspension performance. That said an experienced tuner can take our already great kit and dial in the shocks for even more comfort and capability. 


What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 kits? 

  • Level 1 kits are meant for close to stock weight vehicles, 4 seaters that mainly have 2 adult passengers or 2 adults and 2 children. 
  • Level 2 kits are meant for vehicles with additional weight, whether that's a cage, roof, tire rack and bumper or a 4 seater that always has 4 full grown adults.